Pocket Assualt

Pocket Assault

Pocket Assualt


Fight you way through waves of enemy tanks, infantry, jeeps, and helicopters as you escape enemy territory.

This game was inspired by old arcade gallery shooters, with updated graphics, a few unique changes, as well as touch controls (Android + IOS).  With simple taps you canrun or crawl from left to right, (within screen boundaries) and shoot at targets in the distance. To avoid getting hurt you are free to hide behind sandbags and barrels (done automatically when not shooting or moving), however be warned that grenades, cannon shells, and some rockets can fire over your cover. Some enemies also can utilize sandbags for their own cover.

Pocket Assualt

To attack tap anywhere above where your character stands to shoot at your cross-hair, which is position just above your finger press. You can attack flying transport drones to collect a health pack or weapon upgrade. Weapons include Shotgun, Heavy  Machine Gun, and Rocket Launcher. As you defeat enemies your score and your mission meter increases. Fill your mission meter to complete the mission.

Pocket Assualt

Precise timing, and quick aim is required to blast your way through the 16 stages of the game and make it home safely…

…Then play it again on hard mode!


Release: TBA

Platform: Android, IOS, PC

Download: TBA

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