Terra Centauri: Last Stand

From the Creator of Annex: Conquer the World, Comes a new Scifi/Fantasy RTS on the MegaGlest Engine!


Battle across multiple worlds as the Valkyries, in their fight to save their kind from the brink of extinction. Or play as the Devourers, worm-like parasitic organisms that travel from world to world consuming all in their path.

Game is still in early development, stay tuned for more information! For now enjoy some teaser screen shots below!:

Zone Orion_Screen 9

Zone Orion Teaser Screen

ZO_Screen8_byAD copy

Zone Orion Teaser Screen


Zone Orion Teaser Screen


Zone Orion Teaser Screen


Zone Orion Teaser Screen




Pocket Assualt

Pocket Assault

Pocket Assualt


Fight you way through waves of enemy tanks, infantry, jeeps, and helicopters as you escape enemy territory.

This game was inspired by old arcade gallery shooters, with updated graphics, a few unique changes, as well as touch controls (Android + IOS).  With simple taps you canrun or crawl from left to right, (within screen boundaries) and shoot at targets in the distance. To avoid getting hurt you are free to hide behind sandbags and barrels (done automatically when not shooting or moving), however be warned that grenades, cannon shells, and some rockets can fire over your cover. Some enemies also can utilize sandbags for their own cover.

Pocket Assualt

To attack tap anywhere above where your character stands to shoot at your cross-hair, which is position just above your finger press. You can attack flying transport drones to collect a health pack or weapon upgrade. Weapons include Shotgun, Heavy  Machine Gun, and Rocket Launcher. As you defeat enemies your score and your mission meter increases. Fill your mission meter to complete the mission.

Pocket Assualt

Precise timing, and quick aim is required to blast your way through the 16 stages of the game and make it home safely…

…Then play it again on hard mode!


Release: TBA

Platform: Android, IOS, PC

Download: TBA

Super Ricochet Arena

Super Ricochet Arena

Super Ricochet Arena is a fast paced top down arena game with unique mechanic where all bullets ‘ricochet’ off walls which allows for some strategic shooting. There are three main modes: Arena, Deathmatch, and Endurance, each with 7 maps and a extra practice mode. You can also customize your player character with various Head, Leg, and Torso options. Ricochet is designed to give a quick challenge for players who has just a few minutes to spare.

Ricochet Arena

Player still has same projectile colors (Green – Pistol, Red  Shotgun, Blue – Sub Machine Gun, Yellow – Heavy Machine Gun.) but effects are more bright and saturated.
Enemies however, no longer have this color scheme. Instead they have there own unique graphic (Red with Yellow tip) which is used for all enemy projectiles no matter what weapon they have equipped. This is to help player distinguish between safe and dangerous projectile  when there are many bullets flying in one particular area.

Ricochet Arena 2

Arcade is the main mode of Ricochet. Unlike Deathmatch and Endurance where you can select your own stage, arcade mode you play through all 7 stages in a predetermined order, with the 7 stage being a Champion (Boss) fight. Number of opponents, enemy difficulty, accessible weapons and items, and number of kills vary per stage but generally increase per stage. However you have 3 Lives in every stage. Loosing all 3 lives will restart the stage from the beginning. Also unlike Deathmatch enemies do not collect health and weapons.

After blasting through 6 stages of persistent and challenging arena fighters, you find your self facing your final opponent, , and your last obstacle to be the new champion of Ricochet Arena. As the uncontested master of the arena, he has easily defeated hundreds of contestants. Equipped with heavy armor, twin shrapnel launchers, incredible speed, and the ability to teleport, he is your toughest opponent, and if your not careful the last enemy you will ever see. Deep within a dark cave he will challenge you to a one on one duel. Will you accept?

The Champion is essentially a beefed up Bot, Moves faster, A lot more hp, Much farther range, only uses the shotgun, and will teleport to a spawn point every 10 seconds. Pretty epic 1 VS 1 Duel.

Chasm 1/16/13


If your on this site I’m sure you heard of Annex: Conquer the World, however did you know that game has an older sister, another Megaglest based RTS? Well here is Chasm Mod.

Chasm is base in a Fantasy World War 2 world. The powerful Republic of Cruix launched a war of conquest against the world and the only nation able to withstand the onslaught is the wealthy Kindom of Alandia. This game is focused on simple custom deathmatch style battle. There are no Campaigns, Scenarios, or Multiplayer in this game. Still Chasm boasts higher resolution models and textures and still a lot of fun!

Chasm Screen


Chasm was started as a standalone game using the Vanilla Glest (just called Glest backthen) Engine. It was in development for two full years before I began the game that will later become Annex. I started Annex as I was about to complete Chasm but easily got obsessed with Annex’s development to the point that Chasm has been on hold. It is my intent to release Chasm someday but there is still a lot of clean up and polish needed.



Annex: Conquer the World 7/23/12


Annex: Conquer the World


Annex Conquer The World
Annex: Conquer the World is a MegaGlest mod that brings VERY fast paced combat with a diverse arsenal. Play as one of two Factions: The East Ocean Alliance,or the Shadow Organization, as they struggle for dominance in the war torn Southern Wastelands, rich in a priceless red mineral. Built using open source RTS MegaGlest, The focus of the mod is Multiplayer and Single Player skirmishes. Currently, only a simple campaign at the moment, but a full story mode may be in the future. Annex currently has ability to customize restrictions on tech tree such as limiting tiers and starting units

2 Factions:
Shadow Organization
East Ocean Alliance

12 Game Modes:
Base Battle
Tech Lv 1
Tech Lv 1-2
Tech Lv 1-3
Tech Lv 1-4
Tech Lv 1-5
Infantry Only
Mode Assault
Ready for War

3 Tilesets:

30 Scenarios!
New Maps!
+ 6 player maps

Masterserver+ Lobby!
Thanks to Tomreyn!
Another server currently under construction! Thanks Treba

Game Manual:
Included with all versions of Annex, comes a quick start guide called manual.html (in the manual directory) and it Includes information about Gameplay, Units, Resources and more!

Get your copy here:
No need for Annex Beta 2 or Megaglest to run!
PS Mod DB Downloads may not be up to date!!!! Please get from locations below:

For Windows:
simply unzip “annex_release_3_win.zip” anywhere and run annex.exe in main folder

For Mac OSX:
unpack “annex_release_3_osx.app.zip” and run annex_release_3.app

For Linux 64 bit:
extract annex_release_3_linux_64.tar.xz to your home directory
run: ./annex -or- chmod +x ./annex ./annex.bin

For Linux 32 bit:
extract annex_release_3_linux_32.tar.xz to your home directory
run: ./annex -or- chmod +x ./annex ./annex.bin

Indiedb: http://www.indiedb.com/games/annex-conquer-the-world
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AnnexConquer
Glest Forums: http://glest.org/glest_board/index.php?topic=6517.0